Tradition and experience with public lighting

We are a Czech company that has been developing and manufacturing outdoor and indoor lighting in the heart of Europe for over 29 years. This experience is reflected in the quality of our products, as proven by our customer’s excellent references for having met their demands. We were the first among Czech and Slovak public lighting manufacturers to hold ENEC and ENEC+ certification. At the same time, our products have won prestigious European design awards.

Our values and history

Our values and history

We design, develop and manufacture lighting units that meet the demanding parameters for lighting up roads, pedestrian areas, parks, pavements or sports grounds. We likewise offer products for industry, administrative units, offices, retail warehouses and sales outlets, healthcare and education.


Our main goals include increasing our lights’ efficiency, thus reducing the energy consumption of lighting systems. We ensure that our lights make for a better experience in public spaces, one that is human and environmentally friendly. Reflecting trends in public lighting is an integral part of our corporate philosophy, which is why the “Smart City” system can be used to control our lighting.

A Czech manufacturer of LED lighting

We don’t shirk on our high demands during manufacture. We guarantee our customers will have products and solutions that are based on ongoing research and innovation, reflecting both global trends and the requirements of individual markets. Naturally, we offer warranty and post-warranty service. This is always on an individual approach. The high-quality design of our lighting saves energy, improves safety and changes the face of public spaces.

A Czech manufacturer of LED lighting


Foundation of Lumen Lights

ELEKTRO-LUMEN, s. r. o. became a registered company and acquired its identity by registering the first EL logo. It brought its own developed luminaire labelled 0110 to the market and in the first year we produced and sold 250,000 of these luminaires.


Structuring the company and creating its product range

Due to high demand in the luminaire market, the company is expanding its product portfolio intensively and offers 10 product series including luminaires for public lighting.


Production facility construction

ELEKTRO-LUMEN, s. r. o. left the leased production, storage and administrative premises, and purchases a 12,000 m2 area, which is gradually reconstructed.


ISO 9001 certification, implementation of financial system MS NAVISION

The company is extensively structured, the new MS NAVISION financial system is implemented, a quality management system is introduced according to ISO 9002 standard and used by obtaining certification from TÜV. The company starts full operation of the technical development department in its own laboratories.


Expansion to Spain

ELEKTRO-LUMEN, s. r. o. ranks among its partners the group INDAL, a manufacturer of sophisticated luminaires designed for most lighting applications in interiors as well as exteriors.


Success in Estonia

Winning an international tender in Estonia for the supply of lighting fixtures for public lighting. The company supplies 16,000 lights to the capital city of Tallinn.


Success in Kazan, Russian Federation

Winning an international tender for a general contractor for comprehensive reconstruction of public lighting in Tatarstan (RF). The company is renewing 34,000 public lighting points in the capital city of Kazan.


Company restructuring

The company is changing the strategy of sales, production and product range, expanding the design department and focusing on custom solutions.


New technologies

Thanks to EU grants we could substantially expand our production facilities and purchase modern automated technology for processing metal sheets.


First implementation of LED lighting

The first extensive implementation of lighting systems controlled by control systems in industrial halls at the most important engineering companies.


Implementation of LED technology

Start of production and installation of ELEKTRO-LUMEN luminaires with LED technology.


We provide the LIGHT AUDIT® service

The company registers the “LIGHT AUDIT” trademark whereby we carry out energy audits aimed at lighting systems.


We are beginning to deliver public lighting systems

We are entering the world of suppliers of public lighting systems and delivering our first large contract of LED luminaries in public lighting, based on an advanced wireless control system.


Implementation of Smart City programme

Beginning of co-operation with companies creating the SMART CITY concept.


Prestige design award

Receiving a significant European design award for our HASSTA LED Park Lights.


Development of an optimised intelligent lighting system within a SmartCity concept

The company presents its project of a multifunctional column of its own construction and design, which complements the SMART CITY elements programme for cities and municipalities.


ENEC Licence

As the first Czech manufacturer of public lighting luminaires, it obtains certification according to ENEC standards for its MARUT and HASSTA luminaires.


UV disinfection

Based on many years’ experience with light radiation, the company is expanding its portfolio of products with a range of germicidal radiators for disinfection of rooms with UVC radiation with the designation LUMEN GERMIN.



Our MARUT product line of luminaries has received the ENEC+ certificate attesting the reliability of its functional parameters. ENEC Plus is an independent quality certification for luminaries that attests the correctness of the stated life expectancy, luminous efficacy, distribution of luminous flux, colour temperature, colour rendering index, performance, and operating temperature range.