QR code

QR code

Our luminaires are now equipped with a QR code, under which you will find a wealth of technical information about the respective luminaire. This tool intuitively and clearly delivers all available information to lighting administrators in one place. Everything is optimized for mobile devices.

What information does it display?

• Luminare serial number

• Complete product designation

• Month and year of manufacture

• Power consumption, chromaticity temperature, color rendering index, and luminous flux of the respective luminaire

 • General information about the luminaire (lifespan, supply voltage, materials, resistance to external influences IP/IK, additional luminaire equipment)

• Link to the product's website

• Links to download documentation, curves, conformity statements

• Images of the luminaire 

Do you need advice?
Do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with all the necessary information about QR codes. Contact us at: strzinek@el-lumen.cz


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We simplify the work of everyone who wants to work with our lights.. Our luminaires can now be found as part of the DIALux software.

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Exhibition Light + Building 2024

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