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What is Lumen Smart?

What is Lumen Smart?

The Lumen Smart concept uses the latest generation of LED public lighting to transform a city into a Smart City. Lumen Smart’s advantage is that public lighting can be controlled and managed from one place. It gives you a detailed overview of the status of your lighting system and electricity costs. Lumen Smart, once integrated into a Smart City, is part of the process of introducing modern technologies and to manage towns and cities and thus improve the quality of life and make administration more efficient.

What are the benefits of Lumen Smart?

The Lumen Smart solution brings a smart, modern and efficient way to manage the public lighting infrastructure. The use of modern technology also brings a better quality of life, savings on energy consumption, fast communication with authorities and much more.

What are the benefits of Lumen Smart?

Smart public lighting

Public lighting is widespread in cities, towns and villages. We can use the public lighting system to create a communication network for the Smart City. Lumen Smart is an open system that has data that can be further processed. Our modern LED lights can be integrated into the Smart City system via:


  • LightNET = a system for controlling public lighting via the power distribution system
  • LUMIQ = wireless lighting control system

The Lumen Smart system allows light to be delivered at the right time and the right intensity. At the same time the Lumen Smart lighting control system can customize the lighting scenarios for roads, squares, parks, city centres, historical monuments and other public spaces. Lumen Smart also allows you to monitor the current consumption and status of lighting, including distributors. One clear advantage is that any malfunctions or poor functionality are detected immediately, and the system administrator can be informed of this in a variety of ways.

However, the main benefit for the city in developing a Smart City is the possibility to create a permanently powered network throughout the city and thus provide power to switches, sensors, cameras or other systems. Your city then becomes attractive, safe, comfortable and convenient.

Smart LED lights


Modern LED public lighting that makes it possible to eliminate the negative impact blue light has on living organisms, as proven by studies. However, it is also known that the blue component increases the visibility of reflective elements, thus increasing traffic safety. Biodynamic LED lights are therefore a compromise between safety and the environment. In addition to changing the intensity, the lights can also change their chromaticity temperature. During morning rush hour and evening hours, they shine at a higher chromaticity temperature with a higher proportion of the blue component, at night they change the temperature, up to 1,800 K, with no blue component.


The AstroDIM feature provides multi-level, night-time power reduction based on an internal timer that adjusts to the system’s power on/off period. No external control infrastructure is required. This device’s dimming profile is automatic using a predefined, scheduled relationship to a midpoint that is calculated based on the system’s power on/off times.

Standardised connectivity

LUMEN ELEKTRO’s modern LED lights are manufactured with standardized Zhaga D4i connectors that ensure Smart City elements can be connected.

Standardised connectivity

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